Taking Care of Your Event's Sponsors

You worked to recruit big name sponsors for your century ride and they donated money and in-kind products. How do you thank these businesses that backed your event with their hard-earned prestige?

Here are three simple tips to show your appreciation.

Before the event

Once your sponsor has signed on the dotted line, announce the sponsorship to your followers. Let the people on your elist know, broadcast it on your social media channels.

During the event

Put up signs with the sponsor’s name and what was donated, particularly if it is an in-kind sponsorship. Place signs in holders on the tables where the riders eat their post-ride meal or, if you want to go big, add sponsors' names to banners or posters.

After the event

A simple hand-written thank you card to your sponsor, signed by the ride director and maybe a few key volunteers, shows your appreciation. It also is an opportunity to start a pitch for a sponsorship for next year’s ride.