Stay in Your Riders' Minds

You run a bike ride to make money for your bike club or charity. There’s a lot of competition for bike riders’ attention. So how do you keep in the minds of your audience and rise above all the other events that might be vying for the same riders?

Keep an ongoing conversation with attendees after your event is over.

Here are four tips for staying in your audience’s mind:

  1. Keep an email list of past riders and send out a regular newsletter about the event, next year’s event, training tips. This doesn’t have to be monthly; a quarterly update to your fan base would work.
  2. If you have a regular social media presence, keep your followers/friends updated with regular news about your event or bike news that might be interesting to them
  3. Schedule a contest or two and encourage your friends to share on their social media channels
  4. Consider buying advertising in appropriate media outlets. Advertise where you know your fans/friends go to read or hear about their favorite activity.

Remember, the more channels you broadcast your event on, the more people see it!