Always be innovating

Keep your bike event fresh (even for the old-timers!)

We're in the home stretch of 2017 -- and bike event planning should start to take shape even as the holidays are rolling along. As you start to work on your 2018 bike event, here are some simple tweaks to keep your event fresh.

When putting together your committee, on-board new people--new committee members can bring exciting new ideas.

Consider creating a theme for your bike event. A fun theme will help your event stand out from a crowded Northern California field.

If your ride doesn't currently support a charity, why not reach out to a small one and support a good cause? Consider partnering with an organization.

Always, listen to rider feedback and continue the conversation after your event is over.

Remember, bike riders' tastes change over time which means your event, although currently popular, might not be in the future. Always be innovating with new ideas to keep your event exciting for new participants and old-time regulars.