About Us

Want to learn best practices for putting on a bike event such as a century or race?

BE-Pro is a website, networking conference and soon-to-be launched blog for bicycle event promoters produced by Bob Mack and Tracy Corral, publishers of Cycle California! Magazine. Started as a networking conference in 2001 BE-Pro has opened up opportunities for experienced and novice promoters to learn, network, and teach event best practices, helping event promoters meet the challenges of running their events.

The BE-Pro website offers tips for ongoing "maintenance" of your bike event on the Event Tips page. You can also access links to past presentations given at the conference over the years.

The event resources page serves links to our sponsors and other companies -- whether you need a clothing vendor or signage -- you might find what you're looking for on the Event Resources page.

The goal of BE-Pro is to give event directors and organizers the tools to build professional, high-quality, and sustainable experiences for their participants.

The conference covers different topics of interest to bike event directors. Previous editions of the BE-Pro conference included venue creation, managing liability, insurance, volunteer recruitment, event promotion and marketing, and sponsorship recruitment.

Event organizers learn from knowledgeable insiders: long-time event promoters, legal eagles, and experts in food preparation, venue creation, sponsorships, and social media. The conference features presentations, discussions and informal question-and-answer sessions in a collaborative atmosphere. A reception and expo round out the activities.

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